There’s no better way to experience the Lightning Network in action than to stack some sats playing video games. But that’s not all the Bitcoin Gaming Village has to offer at TABConf 2022!

At the Gaming Village, you’ll enter a next-generation arcade with a mix of mobile and PC gaming, all powered by ZEBEDEE. Experience Bitcoin gaming first hand, then stick around to discuss the tech and the implications of Bitcoin Lightning tech on the gaming industry and the virtual economies of the future!

Located next to the chill area, the Gaming Village is where you go to hang out and have some sat-stacking fun after all those serious talks and workshops. But it’s not all just fun and games this year, as ZEBEDEE will be making a very special (and totally top secret) announcement at this year’s TABConf. So expect some serious(ly cool) content alongside the games!

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Village Leader

Photo of Andre Neves

André Neves

CTO & Co-Founder


ZEBEDEE has quickly become a leading FinTech for the gaming industry, orange pilling a wide range of partners from indies like Fumb Games to giants like Square Enix.

ZEBEDEE uses the Bitcoin Lightning Network to enable some pretty amazing things inside games. But instead of reading about it, maybe you should just get the ZEBEDEE app and see it first hand?

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