When is it?

October 12th

What is it?

Builder Day is our version of a hackathon alternative. Hackathons are fun ways to practice new technologies and make a lot of progress in a short amount of time. However, submissions tend to skew towards being product ideas, most of which will never actually be turned into a real product.

Instead, we’re doing Builder Day. Participating bitcoin FOSS projects will run programming at their own tables. As a participant, you get to pick your favorite FOSS project to hang out with and learn from.

What can I expect?

Attendees can expect to learn a lot!

  • what is the project
  • why is it important
  • how does it benefit bitcoin
  • what are some new and existing tools
  • how can you setup a dev environment to leverage the tools
  • how can you use those tools to build a new app/service
  • how to contribute for the first time to an open-source project

Above all else, Builder Day attendees can get all of their questions answered about their favorite projects straight from the source!

Currently Confirmed Projects

We are still working on the complete list of open-source projects attending Builder Day, but check this page periodically for updates! Or follow us on Twitter for announcements! You can also check out the 2021 workshops page to get an idea of what to expect!

  1. Bitcoin Dev Kit (BDK)
  2. Lightning Dev Kit (LDK)
  3. FediMint
  4. Core Lightning
  5. Bitcoin Design
  6. Hands-On Simplicity
  7. Lily Wallet
  8. SuredBits

If you want to run a Builder Day table for your project, you can apply here!

View the TABConf schedule & directory.