Voltage_TABConf 2021_Sponsor

Bitcoin infrastructure made easy. Voltage offers enterprise-grade infrastructure services for Bitcoin. Build, deploy, and scale faster with Voltage.

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Trammell Venture Partners

Trammel Venture Partners_TABConf 2021_Sponsor

Trammell Venture Partners is an Austin-based venture capital firm focused on investing in highly technical seed- and early-stage startups in three core technology domains: Bitcoin-Native Technologies, Applied Artificial Intelligence, and Security and Privacy technologies.

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Fulgur Venture

Fulgur Ventures_TABConf 2021_Sponsor

We believe in Bitcoin as a next generation politically neutral monetary system, the foundation for decentralized finance of the future. While Bitcoin is an efficient settlement layer, it needs a Layer-2 solution for everyday transactions. That is why we support development of the Lightning Network – an essential step towards decentralized finance.

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