TABConf 2022 is an event about Bitcoin development focused on supporting Bitcoin developers.

It is an event put on by the Bitcoin community. We are seeking people to join the team as conference organizers.

What is an organizer?

An organizer is a volunteer from the Bitcoin community who helps to build TABConf. While most volunteers only assist on the day of the event, organizers take a much more active role in planning out the event in the year leading up to the event.

How does it work?

Organizers are divided up into multiple teams — programming, logistics, sponsors, volunteers, web & design, and communications. Each team focuses on a specific area to ensure that TABConf is the best event it can be. Each team has a leader who is responsible for project managing their team.


Are you interested in joining as an organizer? Please fill out this form if so!

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Each team has its own leader, who project manages the team and facilitates communication among the team members.
What are you working on in Bitcoin? Why are you interested in joining the organizing team? Do you have any particular experience that's relevant?